Families And Schools Together (FAST™) is an internationally award-winning, after-school program designed to address three problems: alcohol and drug abuse, violence and delinquency, and school drop outs. Its strategy is to reduce causal factors by starting with young children using a family-based model.

This family strengthening program builds protective factors in families and in children and empowers FASTparents to be the primary prevention agents for their own children. Although originally developed for at-risk youth and their families, because of its powerful ability to prevent problems from developing, FAST™ is now offered as a universal model of prevention for all elementary school children.

FAST™ became an “evidence-based” model endorsed by the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Juvenile Justice in 2002.

The goals of FAST™ are to:
  • Increase parental involvement in education and prevent school failureFAST Image
  • Enhance family functioning
  • Prevent substance abuse by the child and family
  • Reduce the stress in the daily lives of parents and children
  • Foster and enhance relationships between families, schools, and the community
Since its inception in Columbus in 2007, FAST™ has demonstrated outstanding success. External, independent evaluations have consistently shown statistically significant improvements. We see on average:
  • 100% of parents increased their school involvement (a 70% increase from before they were FAST participants)
  • 81.5% of parents improved their parental effectiveness and parent-child relationships 
  • 58.5% of parents reported a decreased family conflict 
  • 57% of parents reports an increase in family cohesion
  • 62% of children improved their behavior
  • 100% of children advanced to the next grade level
  • 100% of children had no reports of drug involvement or delinquent behavior